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A Tsunami Wave of God’s Shekinah Glory is about to overflow across America with His riches and Glory in Christ Jesus.

We look forward to the venue of each conference with a special message directly from the Throne of Grace through Apostle Thomas.

Glory Encounter Prophetic Intercessory Conference.

Glory Encounter World Conference.

Glory Encounter World Leadership Conference.

Our ministry staff will be honored to offer a conference in your town or city with adequate promotion and accommodations.

To receive information please contact Apostle Thomas Adebayo 817-703-7864.

Your destiny is directed by either you or Holy Spirit and you are following one of these. The only question you need the answer to is, “Who is directing my destiny?” We are asking you to get saturated in God’s Word and get hungry for Him. Feed your spirit daily with spirit food, the Word of God. Click on the Donations link and see how easy it is to listen to God’s Word even as you sleep.