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Fire Baptism

The Holy Spirit is in us and now we are in Him. He is preparing us to be cleansed on the inside with the separation of our soul from our spirit. This is a new teaching to most people in the United States but common knowledge on other continents.

The baptism in Fire is the second baptism of Jesus. The Holy Spirit has prepared us to be consecrated unto Himself through the Fire. At this point we become a terror to the enemy. To whom much is given, much is required.

The old nature is burned off as the new man emerges to take his place with the Holy Spirit. We work along side of Him, not for Him. We do what is according to His good pleasure. The bride is the helpmeet to the groom. We are the bride of Christ. This is much easier for women than for men. As a child wants to help their mom or dad, so it must be with us.

If we are not man enough to submit to Christ completely, we will most likely not receive the baptism in Fire. It is not what we do for Him but what we do with Him that counts. King David did all that God asked!

The third baptism, the Baptism in Fire, Jesus second baptism.

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